Friday, June 15, 2012

Julia Takes a Walk

Today Lennie and I went to Folgers marsh and caught fish, and crabs! Isn’t that cool!? I enjoy spending time in the water with nets and catching all the shrimp, fish, and crabs. We went to a certain part of the beach and we saw a swarm of fiddler crabs. Also Lennie got right to the review of identifying plants that I learned last year. My most favorite bird I saw today was the red wing black bird. I think they are very beautiful!
                The fish that we caught are known as mumichogs, and silver sides. The shrimp were glass shrimp and the crabs were hermit crabs, rock crabs, green crabs (an invasive species), and fiddler crabs.

                We took a family of 4 who were Orion’s (also a Jr. Ranger) aunt, uncle, and cousins to the marsh and showed them around the beach. We all had a good time and the visitors learned a lot about plants and animals. I had fun and can’t wait to come back next Friday!

Julia Fiske

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