Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jr Ranger Essay - by Lila Head

As a precondition of being accepted as a Jr. Ranger here at the field station each perspective Jr. Ranger is asked to write a brief essay on why they want to be a Jr. Ranger. Here is a great example from Lila Head our newest Jr. Ranger.

Why I Want To Be A Jr. Ranger

I would like to like to be a Jr. Ranger at the UMASS Field Station. I think I would have a great time. I like being out there and active with science.

Another reason is: the setting. Looking out on a calm beach, the mucky salt marsh with the green grass, and bushes and trees of all sorts, makes my head buzz. It's all so pretty.

The last reason is, I love marine biology. The idea of fish and crabs and other creatures living without air fascinates me. That is why I want to join the Jr. Ranger program.

-- Lila Head

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